Thursday, 13 August 2009

Madonna Sticky & Sweet tour rehearsing for European leg

For those of us who are not successful enough to be in Europe to see Mo do her thing or be even more successful as to sit on a rehearsal, I thought I would put together a slide show of her recent rehearsal in St. Petersburg on August 2. She arrive very light hearted and actually, well, happy.
As we all know, Madonna can be completely difficult, and if the sound barrier doesn't happen without a jerk, even more so. Clearly, the sound blender are doing their thing correctly.
In other Madonnaland news, people are STILL talking about the now infamous, Photo Shopped image of veiny, absurt arms. The picture is clearly a bastard, I will even address it and it is the very last time. Apparently, when Madonna is happy and not doing anything controversial, the press must find something to report about her and alternative to acknowledging lies. Madonna is in amazing shape, no surprise there. Thank God our lady has beyond belief thick skin, for if she didn't, she would have faded away years ago.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Madonna's New Single 'Celebration' Released

Madonna's new single Celebration has been released on the internet to the delight of Madonna fans everywhere.

Once upon a time, a budding dancefloor philosopher named Madonna released her very first single, “Everybody,” and commanded her minions thusly: “Come on, take a chance/ Get up and start the dance/ Let the D.J. shake you/ Let the music take you.” Twenty-six years and over one billion crunches later, Ms. Ciccione is still pleading with the masses to shake their groove things with “Celebration,” the title track from her forthcoming greatest hits compilation that hit the Internet today.

“Celebration” is unapologetically dance-y, which means two things: I’m sitting here at my desk typing faster than usual and throwing in the occasional shoulder shimmy (fun!) while doing it. And secondly, the track is unlikely to make much headway at disco-phobic U.S. radio because apparently America does not like to get it percolatin’ in this dancerie. Ah well. No matter, Madge loyalists will be inevitably downloading this one and playing it on repeat in their cars, on the treadmill, even in their minds as they’re sleeping.

It is the first single off her Greatest Hits album, and seems to be getting a good reception so far, many are saying it's a return to her roots and sounds like the Madonna of the 90s.

The single is produced by Paul Oakenfold, who has worked with Ice Cube, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and U2.