Monday, 27 December 2010

Madonna's Most Popular Celebrity In Printing Media

In the past decade Madonna's has been targeted most by the printing media and has topped a list of Britain's printing media.The diva is said to have got the maximum print space in every newspaper and magazines for the past ten years

In the British print press the singer has been focused more than any other stared and according to study in the UK print media more than 40.000 times than any other most popular star since 2000.

Brian Merron of Kantar Media, who compiled the figures, wasn't surprised by the outcome."This is why she's hailed as a legend," he said.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Madonna’s Material Girl clothing range going international


The 52-year-old singer launched her Material Girl range - which is aimed at teenage girls - earlier this year and while it was only initially available at US department store Macy's it can now be bought at several Hudson Bay Company retail locations throughout Canada.

Until now, the celebrated clothing range had been sold exclusively in the US, where the blonde-haired singer was born.

The 80s-inspired line, which comprises grunge meets glam rock pieces like bodysuits, rompers, skinny sequin leggings and faux leather cropped biker jackets, is very affordable. Jewelry ranges from $14 (10 euros) to $36 (27 euros), while clothing ranges from $15 (11 euros) to $58 (43 euros).

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes have been designing clothes for kids and all age-groups accessories. Shoes also are a part of the collection. Hudson Bay Company has bagged the contract to get the singer's collection across to their chain of 91 stores.

"Madonna has brought the world some of the most memorable fashion moments making her a true fashion legend. Her style along with her daughter's personal flair will make this collection an instant must-have," Bay president and CEO Bonnie Brooks said in a release.

"We are delighted to bring this brand to Canada because it offers fashion lovers savvy style with amazing value."

Madonna Love Life Mocked By Kabbalah Pals!

At the Kabbalah Center in New York MADONNA is earning herself quite a reputation — and it’s all down to her eventful love life!

On Saturday Maddona was at the center with her ex, Jesus Luz and her new boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, the previous week,According to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“I find keeping up with her boy toys confusing,” a source said. “They all look so young. I expect her to start hiring nannies to take care of her love interests.

“Here’s an observation: Madonna is the only woman I know who can say, ‘Jesus is coming’ and actually mean it.”

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Madonna opens gym in Mexico City

Pop singer and fitness fanatic Madonna inaugurated her first gym center in Mexico City where thousands of fans gather to see her.

Madonna who wants to open a series of gyms in different cities, she expressed reason to open her gym in Mexico city is that she loves to help needy and poor people.

She told us, "I'm calling it the Pokemon Gym, not because I like the programme, but because I want to catch 'em all. I've made a significant donation to Mexico City or, as I prefer to put it, a large downpayment on my next bunch of kids."

Madonna says that she is keen on the athletic kind of thing as well. "You may have noticed that Mexico has no Olympic team," she explained. "Mostly it's because everyone who can run, jump, and swim has already crossed the border! We aim to change that."