Thursday, 16 August 2012

Madonna forced support for jailed Ukrainian leader Yulia

People has been forced by Madonna to support jailed former Ukrainian leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

Before a show in the country's capital, the singer gets face to face with the small crowd who were watching her rehearsals and ask about the former Prime Minister, who was jailed in 2011 for her alleged abuse of office during her time in power from December 2007 to March, 2010.

Madonna says: "I don't even know the actual truth, I've just heard some stories from emails ... Is it true that the woman who was the former president (sic) is in jail here?"

Madonna tells them: "If you feel so strongly, how come no one's fighting for her? You might get killed? So, this is what we call freedom? Just curious, thank you for telling me."

She then told the crowd that they should stand up and fight for her release, saying: "Are you brave? Do you have courage? Are you willing to fight for what is right?"  

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